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  September/ October 2009

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TCD - Signs Working Group Update

Transport Control Devices (TCD) Part 1, covering traffic signs is expected to be released before the end of the year. A key element of part one was the changes to the TCD codes for all standard signs.

These have been modified and adopted by New Zealand Transport Association (NZTA) and they are expected to be published in early November 2009.

The new sign codes will first appear on the NZTA web site www.nzta.govt.nz to enable users to search for signs using the new codes. The new coding system breaks the signs into broad categories and sub categories.
The well known Manual of Traffic Signs and Markings (MOTSAM) and TCD specification codes will remain for searching purposes only to assist with the transition. The second stage of the implementation will see the individual sign specifications modified to include only the new code as a reference.

The final draft of the TCD Manual Part Two covering direction, service and general guidance signs and Part Three covering advertising signs are also expected before year end.

Temporary Warning - Branding Options

If you have answered YES on any of the questions above then you need to talk to us about our economical branding options available, as they will minimise theft, build up brand awareness and identify your products.

Our range of sign branding can be anything from a 3 three letter punch through to a fully engraved logo, which can make your signs unique to you. We are also able to brand a variety of different substrates, plus do custom engraved signs for work sites ie: Site Manager. We can even engrave your sign stands.

We also offer cone branding options as well so call us now to discuss your TW branding needs 0800 785 744.

                             Above: Punching examples                                   Above: Engraving examples

Scorpion TMA Saves Lives

The Kenworth truck after the hit, the minimal damage to the host truck and where the incident occurred

Traffic Management NZ (TMNZL), a traffic management company based in the North Island were operating a night time, mobile lane closure on SH1, just south of Paraparaumu in the left hand, north bound lane and using their fully equipped 12 tonne truck complete with Waugh arrow board and a Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator.

A 18 wheeler Kenworth truck and trailer unit crashed into the Scorpion attenuator, at high speed, the Scorpion performed as designed and the drivers of the Kenworth and the TMNZL truck walked away from the crash uninjured.

The Scorpion Attenuator is designed to slow down an impacting vehicle in such a way as to minimize occupant injuries and thus ensure their chance of survival. The challenge is to slow the impacting vehicle quickly while minimizing the G forces that could injure the vehicle occupants.

Dean Kebbell, Managing Director of Traffic Management NZ Ltd said that the Scorpion Attenuator performed very well. As you can see from the photos the host truck only sustained minor damage to the side and rear, near the tail gate. Dean said he was amazed that after such a massive hit that the truck’s chassis stayed straight – a clear testament to the performance of the Scorpion Attenuator.

The traffic management truck after the crash and the Scorpion Attenuator

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Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA)

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