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September 2010

Some of the City Care team in front of the recently installed bus lane signage and the Variable Message Signs in use

Late in 2009, the Christchurch City Council, in partnership with the NZTA, kicked off its Bus Priority program as part of the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy (UDS). The overall aim is to manage the growth in greater Christchurch and ensure an efficient and integrated transport system for the future.

There have been 12 main corridors identified for Bus Lanes over the next seven years. City Care have successfully completed the first four stages with RTL being their preferred sign supplier on the whole project.

“Over 400 signs were installed, as part of this project. RTL manufactured and supplied all the signage to meet the agreed completion dates and their advice and assistance was greatly appreciated by City Care.”Brian Jackson - Contract Manager City Care Ltd

The Bus Lanes project also required Variable Message Signs (VMS) as part of the traffic control portion, which were the first of their kind for the region. They were often out on site 24/7 to warn the travelling public of traffic disruptions and then to educate everyone on how the lanes would operate. This information ensured that everyone was pre-warned and that there was no confusion once the Bus Lanes went live.

The flow-on effect is that the region now has four trailer mounted VMS signs available for hire into future projects. Spraymarks Traffic Management Services is the contact for the hireage of the VMS Signs in the Christchurch region.

...”We did not hesitate to choose RTL as our preferred supplier for all signs needed under the ‘Christchurch Bus Priority Lanes, Papanui Rd and Main North Road’ project...”  Brian Jackson - Contract Manager City Care Ltd.

So for your next signage upgrade please contact RTL Roadsigns on 0800 785 744.

Introducing RTL's New Flexi Lite System

RTL have the Solution - Auckland Bus Lanes

The Auckland City Council has come under fire from motorists because of the strict enforcement of the city bus lanes. Motorists are only permitted to use the bus lane within 50 metres of turning.

Active Delineation Mock up of Dominion Road in Mt RoskillStamark High Performance Tape Mock up of Dominion Road in Mt RoskillThe concern is the amount of tickets being issued and the lack of public knowledge of how to use the bus lanes and judging the 50 metres.

RTL Roadsigns approached the Auckland City Council with two unique solutions utilising our Active light emitting raised Pavement Markers and our Stamark High Performance Tape to delineate the road and assist motorists with judging the required 50 metres.

RTL Commercial Signs Celebrating 8 years

AWVMS - Advance Warning Variable Message Sign - What does this mean to you?

AWVMS -  Advanced Warning Variable Message SignAWVMS - “Advanced Warning Variable Message Sign” the latest requirement for all new NZTA contracts awarded after the 1st July 2010.

It is envisaged that the new AWVMS will replace the tail pilot vehicle resulting in one less truck mounted attenuator being required.

The AWVMS is to be a stationary sign and can only be carried on either a small utility vehicle or small trailer and shall be located on the road shoulder and out of live lanes.

The AWVMS, as defined by NZTA is actually made from four separate components. These are Xenon warning lights, Advanced Warning VMS, VMS Sign (made up of a graphics area and text area) and the base panel. All components are available separately or can be obtained as a complete unit.

Some of the features of the RTL AWVMS system include; full matrix LED display, automatic & manual LED dimming and an optional bluetooth or hard wired controller. The AWVMS is housed in a robust, powder coated, aluminium frame and can be trailer or ute mounted.

The large memory has the capacity to store up to 1500 pre-programmed messages and symbols. The PC based software is used for creating and managing messages and symbols which are then loaded onto the AWVMS memory.

If you have any questions about the AWVMS or the specification call us on 0800 785 744.

AW VMS - Advanced Warning Variable Message Sign

AW VMS - Advanced Warning Variable Message Sign

The AWVMS, as defined by NZTA is actually made from 4 separate components. These are Xenon warning lights, Advance Warning VMS, VMS Sign (made up of a graphics...

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