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Hydrant, Culvert and cable markers

RTL's Culvert, Cable and Hydrant Marker range are all 1.25m high and assist maintenance contractors in identifying underground Cables, Culverts and Hydrants. Markers can be heatstamped if required (minimum order quantity applies). Please view the Cable Marker image for examples of heatstamping.

Culvert Markers are used to identify underground culverts under the road and surrounding areas. Examples include a shut off valve for a street and water main shut off valve for a home or business. Culvert Markers are dark green and Hydrant Markers are light blue.

Cable Markers alert people to cables buried beneath the ground, helping to minimise accidental breaks. RTL's Cable Marker can be heat stamped with images or text. Cable Markers are a white colour.

Reinforced Design: RTL's marker have a reinforced profile, improving crash recovery
Improved end point: RTL's marker are now easier to install because of the new pointed end
Improved Barb: The structure of a RTL marker now enhances in-ground retention
UV stabilised PVC: Stops splitting and cracking in NZ conditions and carries a 10 year materials guarantee

TNZ M/14: Edge Marker Posts
TNZ P/16: Edge Marker Post Installations
TNZ C/18: Maintenance of Edge Marker Posts
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