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Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA)

Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA's) are designed to slow down an impacting vehicle in such a way as to minimize occupant injuries and thus ensure their chance of survival. The challenge is to slow the impacting vehicle quickly while minimizing the G forces that could injure the vehicle occupants.

Additional to the safety factors that need to be included to meet the standards of NCHRP-350 the Scorpion attenuator also features a modular design which requires only damaged parts to be replaced in the event of a low speed accident.

This has been achieved by creating a predictable chain of events from the moment of impact that dissipates the impacts energy in the most effective way.

The Scorpion TMA is easily upgraded to meet NCHRP 350 TL-3 requirements with the simple addition of an upgrade strut. Scorpion offers the Model B and Model C TL-3 attenuators. The difference between the two different models is the position that the attenuators are stored in when they are not being deployed.

Crushes in Progressive Stages
Repair costs are minimized because only damaged cartridge components need to be replaced after a low speed impact.

One of the Safest TMA's on the Market
Both the level 2 & 3 Scorpion have passed the mandatory NCHRP-350 tests 50 & 51. The level 3 Scorpion has also passed voluntary NCHRP-350 tests 52 & 53. The manufacturer has gone above the mandatory NCHRP Report 350 testing and designed and tested a side impact into the Scorpion - Test 3-54.

Lightweight and Robust
Fully installed the Level 2 TMA is only 665kgs (including mountings and hydraulics) with a cartridge weight of only 225kg, which will reduce stress on the hydraulics and support vehicle.

Twin Hydraulics
The use of two Rams means there is only half the pressure on each ram extending their life beyond single ram units.

Motorist Safety is Enhanced
The corrosion resistant aluminium frame is curved and designed in such a way that it provides protection against vehicles impacting the dangerous "Coffin Corner" area at the rear of the traffic control vehicle.

Choice of In-cab or External controls
The operator can avoid being exposed to traffic because the TMA unit can be raised or lowered from inside the cabin.

Fast Mounting and Removal System
The Scorpion is equipped with jack-stands and quick release pins, which allow the cartridge to be removed in approximately 15 minutes. This allows the traffic control vehicle to be free for other operations.

The TL-2 Scorpion is easily upgraded to TL-3 by adding an extra cartridge to the front of the existing unit. This will create significant cost saving when NZTA decide to change the current code of practice to TL-3 in the future.

Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) for use on Level 2 and 3 Roads where required and on mobile, static or semi-static lane closures.

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