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911 Raised Pavement Markers

Glass-faced high brightness sun country raised pavement markers for long-lasting, all weather, and nighttime roadway guidance.

The Stimsonite brand LifeLite 911 reflective pavement marker is an enhanced version of the LifeLite 88, the industry standard for more than 25 years. The improvement of a layer of untempered glass which protects the marker’s reflective face.

This abrasion-resistant glass surface is self-cleaning and helps maintain the marker’s reflective values over a longer period of time

Refer to Transit Specifications:
TNZ M/12: Raised Pavement Markers: 1998
TNZ P/14: Installation of Raised Pavement Markers: 1995
Available Colours
dotYellow / White
dotYellow / Red
Available Sides
dotOne Way
dotTwo Way

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