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Flexi Guide 300 (FG 300) Delineator

Flexi Guide 300 the versatile surface mount Channeliser which is used in a variety of situations - work zones, traffic separations, car parks and many other places throughout New Zealand. They are highly visible both day and night and clearly delineate driving lanes using bright colours and reflective sheeting. We supply two models for the New Zealand conditions: UR & EFX

FG 300 UR: Poly-Urethane - The Material of Choice
The FG 300 Model UR and EFX are both made from poly-urethane, the toughest flexible polymer on the market today. Poly-urethane provides high tensile and elongation properties, with superior resistance to tearing and puncture. The polymer maintains its flexibility to -50° F, and its toughness during exposure to fuels, oils and grease. The standard model we provide.

FG 300 EFX: When the Going Gets Tough, Get EFX!
The Model EFX represents a breakthrough in urethane chemistry and durability. Its the first and only channelizer post to carry a 1-year limited warranty! The alloy of polyurethane polymers provides the EFX more strength than ever. 65% stronger than our Model UR.

Increased resistance to tearing and greater stiffness translates to the toughest post you can buy, suitable for the most challenging installations .The EFX supports vertical panels to provide even greater target value, nighttime visibility, and improved safety, and is the one currently on the Auckland harbour Bridge. It also provides a better UV stabilization.

FG 300 posts can be used in a number of applications including lane delineators, channelizers, detour operations, high occupancy vehicle lane buffers, dedicated transit lanes, car parks, median crossovers, traffic island ends, dangerous curves, and around objects and hazards. For further information or to discuss the needs of your application please call customer services or contact your territory manager.

FG 300 posts are well known for toughness, impact resistance and long-lasting performance. The base is made of impact resistant hardened plastic and the posts are poly-urethane to provide superior elongation and tensile properties with enhanced resistance to tearing and puncture. Their clover leaf design provides for superior rebound performance over simple round tubes. The channeliser post is mounted to the base unit with two plastic locking pins. The plastic locking pins conform to the same material specifications as the base units to prevent dislocation when posts are impacted and to ease replacement of old posts.

2 Piece Construction
Allows posts to be temporarily removed if access is required across delineation. If posts are damaged they can easily be replaced while leaving the base in position.

Quick Installation
Bases can be installed using a self adhesive pad or dynabolts in just seconds. Once the base is installed the post can be inserted and locked in to place with pins. The entire installation process takes only minutes.

Thin Dimensions
The dimensions of the post and base means that the channeliser encroaches far less into the live traffic lane giving passing motorists more space to maneuver their vehicles.

Fixed Installation
Being mounted directly onto the road surface provides greater stability for vehicle hits and is a greater deterrent to theft. Unlike cones the posts do not need to be righted after impact.

2 Colours
Available in yellow and orange. Yellow is normally used for permanent applications such as motorway on-ramps and orange for temporary use such as work zones.

Our orange post is the only channeliser on the market that contains truly fluorescent material. This ensures that the post can be seen in dim light conditions which increases safety in work zones.

Poly Urethane
Provides high elongation and tensile properties for superior resistance to tearing and puncture.

Clover Leaf Design
Provides superior rebound performance over simple round posts.
Available Colours

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