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LED Light Arrow System LAS - Prism

The LAS is a combination of directional signs mounted on twoseparate segments. The upper segment can be lowered when not in use. It has a display made up of 25 separate LED lamps which is able to display left or right directional arrows an ‘X’ or four flashing LED lamps in ‘Hazard mode’.

Additionally, on the upper segment two advance warning Xenon lamps flash to gain attention of the approaching motorists. On the lower section of the board, there is a moveable retro reflective RG17/34 arrow which utilises RTL’s Prism XPTM rotary sign system. The arrow points vehicles in the correct direction in conjunction with the display on the upper segment. The arrow board is pre-programmed with sequences including 'lane change required' and ‘shoulder closed' where the lights are a ‘X’ and the RG17/34 is showing the safe side to pass on.

A controller in the cabin of the host vehicle operates the arrow board. There are displays on the controller and the rear of the frame assembly that show the orientation of the arrow board. All LAS feature 3M reflective sheeting applied by RTL’s 3M certified Sign Shop. The control box on the rear of the board is rated IP-65 weatherproof.
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