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RTL Category Image Guide Signage are installed to provide Destination information (direction / distance) to drivers. Guide Signs include Advance Direction Signs (Map & Stack) (ADS), Intersection Direction Signs (ID), Confirmation Direction Signs (CD), Destination Signs or Place Names and Threshold Signs


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Advance Direction Stack Signs – ADS

ADS Stack Signs only indicate the general direction a motorist must take to travel towards the destination shown, they do not necessarily show the exact geometric layout of the intersection.
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Advance Direction Map Signs – ADS

ADS Map signs are generally installed on all approaches of a complicated or major road’s intersection(s), and large roundabouts showing destinations and a pictorial of the intersection.
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Intersection Direction Signs - ID

Intersection Direction Signs or ID3 Signs are installed at intersections showing destinations (on roads leading away from the intersection), and used in in conjunction with Advance Direction Signs.
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Confirmation Direction Signs - CD

Confirmation Direction Signs are normally installed on the road leading away from a major intersection providing information on upcoming destinations (normally with distances) and confirmation to the ...
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Threshold Signs

Threshold Signs are a combination of a Place Name Sign and a Speed Restriction Sign and because of the visual impact / size are installed to indicate the speed limit change / slow zone. Threshold ...
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Place Name / Destination Signs – IPN

Place Names are installed to indicate to the driver that they have arrived at a destination (previously shown on a prior guide signs).
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