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RTL Category Image MASH presents uniform guidelines for crash testing permanent and temporary highway safety features and recommends evaluation criteria to assess test results.

MASH updates and replaces NCHRP Report 350. This manual is recommended for highway design engineers, bridge engineers, safety engineers, researchers, hardware developers, crash test laboratories, and others concerned with safety features used in the highway environment.

Products addressed in MASH include longitudinal barriers, transitions, end terminals, crash cushions, breakaway supports, truck mounted attenuators, and work zone traffic control devices. The crash performance is judged on structural adequacy, occupant risk, and vehicle trajectory.


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Scorpion II® Model C TMA

The Scorpion II TMA Model C is a compact, low profile design. It is the most popular Scorpion design sold in the US. In New Zealand, we use a European Arrow board (Light Arrow System) therefore, a H...
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Scorpion II® C-90 Vertical TMA

TrafFix Devices has just launched the MASH C-90 (April 2019). The C-90 is stored in the vertical position only - 90 degrees (it does not fold up and over the LAS). The C-90 does not have a mid-hi...
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