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RTL Category Image RTL Car Park Solutions incorporate a comprehensive range of products to create a safe environment for both vehicles and pedestrians within the confined area of a car park. Products include wheel stops, speed humps, corner protectors, access control systems, electronic signage and mirrors.

Our Traffic Calming Range includes cycle lane Riley Curb (normally used in-conjunction with FG 300s), rubber speed cushions, round about sections, kerb & channel including semi barrier & semi mountable kerb and raised rubber pedestrian crossings.

We also offer a full range of signage, commonly used in car park applications for lowering speed, directing and guiding traffic.

Please download a copy of the the car park and/ or the traffic calming brochure at the bottom of this page or for detailed information please click on each item below. Alternatively, please contact our friendly sales team on 0800 785 744.


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Riley Kerb® Cycle Delineator

The Riley Kerb® delineator offers protection to the cyclist in all types of situations by reducing the intrusion of vehicles into the cycle lanes. Riley Kerbs® are 2 metres long and manufact...
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Speed Cushions & Pedestrian Crossings

We offer recycled rubber, modular speed cushion and pedestrian crossing solutions, designed so that you can create the size that suits your needs. They are simple and quick to install and they can...
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Rubber Roundabouts

Our rubber roundabouts are a great alternative to a traditional roundabout. The modular design enables you to get the right size for the situation, you increase the number of sections and the diameter...
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Rubber Kerbing & Channel

Our rubber Kerbs & Channel and Semi Mountable Kerbs are a great alternative to traditional concrete kerbing. The modular sections enable you to adjust the island size based on the specific site r...
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Wheel Stops

BACKGROUND The requirements for the design and layout of off street parking facilities is contained in the standard AS/NZS2890:2004. This standard includes multi-storey car parks for motorcars, ligh...
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Rubber Speed Humps

Speed Humps are ideal for traffic and pedestrian safety. They are best used in medium to low volume shopping centres, multi-level car parks, commercial driveways, service stations, and anywhere that y...
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Rubber Corner Protectors

USE Suitable for fixing to concrete or steel columns in car parks to help protect both the column and the cars parking in the car park in case of minor contact with columns or corners of walls. FE...
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Duravision Convex Mirror

Eliminate Blind Spots to prevent accidents! The scientifically engineered radius of curvature in the De-Luxe Mirror optimism driver field of vision while minimizing distortion of distance. DuraVi...
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Electronic Signs

RTL have a range of electronic signs available including car coming signs, school zone signs and active feedback signs. Car coming signs are a great safety enhancement in situations where cars are ...
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Access Control Systems

Through Harding Traffic, RTL is able to offer a range of Access Control Systems including car parking equipment, automatic gates and barrier arms. Car parking equipment includes ticket dispensers, ...
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Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB)

Energy Absorbing Bollards (EABs) are designed to save lives. They are used to prevent vehicles entering into 'no go' zones without restricting pedestrian access. The EABs are ideal for outdoor dining ...
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