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Product Categories

RTL covers a broad range of products and therefore we divide these into product categories. Each category is assigned a colour which usually relates in some way to the products that fall within this category, for example Temporary Warning signs are always orange in colour, therefore the Temporary Warning category is orange in colour to reflect this. The intension of this page is to summarise all of the product categories by displaying the relative colour as well as a description, you will notice that the sub-categories are also included. If you are having trouble locating a product, try the search option instead.

Temporary Warning (TW)

» Temporary Warning (TW)

Temporary Warning

» Temporary Warning Signs (TW)

Products within this category are used to alert road users of temporary or unusual conditions.

» Vehicle Mounted (TV)

Temporary Warning Signs to be mounted specifically on vehicles.

» Flexi-Lite Roll Up Signs (TF)

Fluorescent Reflective Roll-Up Signs recommended for surveying, landscaping and consultants who have limited space in their work vehicles but still need to be safe on the roads.

» Wet Weather Gear & Vests (TV)

Standard Highways Vests specified for Motorway use day or night. For Lighting Workers, Sealing Contractors, Civil Construction and many other areas. The Wet Weather Range are for keeping you dry, warm and safe all year round. Range includes Jacket & Pants sets and the Shower proof Jacket & Body Warmer.

» Stands/Bases/Stakes (TS)

MKL & HKL Kwik-Lok (TM) stands in an assortment of sizes along with the range of Drivable stakes and Stayput PVC Base

» Cones (TC)

Introducing RTL’s range of road cones and cone accessories, we have the solution for all your needs. We offer everything from NZTA – CoPTTM compliant cones to No stopping cones, cone barrier bars and covers. We take pride in offering quality products that come with our guarantee against defects in material and workmanship at the time of delivery. Our NZTA – CoPTTM Compliant Range: There are strict requirements that need to be meet as Road cones are there for safety and traffic direction. In New Zealand the rules for using traffic control devices like cones are specified by NZTA’s ‘Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management' (CoPTTM) part 8 of the Traffic Control Devices manual. All our cones in this range comply to CoPTTM – TTMC requires for colour, luminance and photometric performance of the retroreflective material. 900mm SlimlineTM Standard & Motorway Cones 900mm Slim Composite Standard & Motorway Cones 900mm Wide Profile Cone PortaCone range of Collapsible Cones 450mm Roadmarking Cones Slim Composite Cone One Piece PVC Cone Other Cones 450mm Plain PVC Cone 450mm No Stopping / No Parking Cones 90mm Fluorescent Orange Miniature Cones (MOQ applies) For more information, please click on the cones below.

» Temp Speed Hump (TSH)

If you have a problem managing vehicle speeds through your work site RTL have the solution.. Our Temporary Speed Hump. Compliant to CoPTTM C.10.16

» Lamps/Beacons/Wands (TL, TK, TP)

Our range of Safety Wands are used for traffic management and crowd control during road works, events, festivals, expos and at emergency situations. With three models to choose from, all our wands are compact, durable, light weight and easy to use. Rotating Beacons and Plastic Lamps are also available.

» Safety Barriers/Fences (TB & TM)

Safety Barriers including Mesh and Water Filled Products

» Accessories (TP, TL, TO)

RTL offer a full range of Temporary Warning Accessories for use on workzones including roads and construction sites. Full range of cone accessories, including cone bars and no stopping sleeves, fluoro flags and our new economical temporary sign covers.

Permanent Warning Signs (PW Signs)

» Permanent Warning Signs (PW Signs)

Permanent warning signs are used to indicate the presence of unusual or hazardous conditions or situations and are intended to instill caution in the road user.

» LED Roadsigns (EWS)

Permanently displayed static roadsigns have proven to be ineffective over long periods of time for drivers passing the same sign regularly and in some locations drowned out by surrounding ambient light from street lights, electronic signage and traffic light etc . Electronic road signs incorporate LED components which are displayed in specific preconfigured conditions or can be activated when a motor vehicle is detected approaching the location of a particular hazard using radar sensors The use of the LED Sign draws the drivers' attention to the road restriction or hazard ahead allowing the driver to react accordingly. LED Signs provide a safer environment for workers, drivers, road users of other modes of transport and pedestrians.

» User, Non-Motorised (WU)

All WU Warning - Non Motorised signs should be made with VFL Fluorescent Lime/ Yellow reflective.

Regulatory General Signs (RG)

» Regulatory General Signs (RG)

Regulatory Signs have legal significance and must be readily distinguishable from all other signs.It is illegal for a motorist to ignore regulatory signs. There are two types of regulatory signs; Propitiatory - the motorist must not do something; and Mandatory - the motorist must do what the sign says.

» LED Edge Lit Road Signs (EP)

Our range of Illumin8 LED road signs is a low energy solution used to highlight or enforce road condition or rules in environments where reto-reflectivity on it’s own does not suffice. They are NZTA compliant, retro-reflective, LED, edge lit road signs that combines robust construction with innovative design.

Direction, Service & Guide Signs (DI)

» Direction, Service & Guide Signs (DI)

Direction, Service and General Guide Signs cover Guide Signs (Large Signs), Service Signs, Tourist Signs and Street Name Blades. We have an experienced team of sign designers that take care of the total process resulting in quality assured signs, which meet all current NZTA and other relevant regulations. RTL's design consultants can advise on all relevant regulations covering road signage in New Zealand from substrates reflectivity to be used and support requirements. We can manufacture anything from a one off sign replacement to a full project (number of large signs) so call us now on 0800 785 744 to discuss your requirements.

» Guide Signage (DL)

Guide Signage are installed to provide Destination information (direction / distance) to drivers. Guide Signs include Advance Direction Signs (Map & Stack) (ADS), Intersection Direction Signs (ID), Confirmation Direction Signs (CD), Destination Signs or Place Names and Threshold Signs

» Tourist Signs (TS & TR)

A tourist facility is defined as a geographic feature, commercial enterprise or scenic route, which is mainly of interest to tourists. Tourist Signs include tourist features including scenic lookouts, historical markers, and geographical features, ie9 (waterfalls, rock formations, caves and lakes ) and Tourist Establishments including animal/bird parks, aquariums, art and craft galleries, botanic gardens, museums, historic properties, national & regional parks, adventure sports & theme parks, industry based attractions and wineries, etc. Signs in the TS sign series are available in two sizes, ie. A size signs for use in low speed environments and the larger B size signs for use in all other situations. TR signs are detailed in one size and these are suitable for use in all situations.

» Motorist Service Signs (MS)

Motorist Service signs are used to identify services commonly required by motorists. These include rest areas, bypassed communities and services including commercial, accommodation and information services. MS Signs have a white border and symbols / worded legends (when appropriate) and a blue background. Signs in the MS sign series are available in two sizes, ie. A size signs for use in low speed environments and the larger B size signs for use in all other situations. Each Motorist Service Sign has a maximum specified size for both A & B (NZTA MoTSaM). Actual Sizes may vary depending on the Words / Symbol(s) that are used. Please call RTL Roadsigns to discuss your requirements.

» Street Name Blades (PN)

RTL Roadsigns supply a full range of street name blades compliant to your Local Authority and District Council specifications.

General Information Signs (IG)

» General Information Signs (IG)

General Information Signs provide motorists with information of general interest such as advice on road conditions, the location of public amenities, items of local interest and land features, etc.

Traffic Mgmt Temporary (EC)

» MASH Compliant Attenuators (MA)

MASH presents uniform guidelines for crash testing permanent and temporary highway safety features and recommends evaluation criteria to assess test results. MASH updates and replaces NCHRP Report 350. This manual is recommended for highway design engineers, bridge engineers, safety engineers, researchers, hardware developers, crash test laboratories, and others concerned with safety features used in the highway environment. Products addressed in MASH include longitudinal barriers, transitions, end terminals, crash cushions, breakaway supports, truck mounted attenuators, and work zone traffic control devices. The crash performance is judged on structural adequacy, occupant risk, and vehicle trajectory.

» Traffic Mgmt Temporary (EC)

Electronic Traffic Management Products that include VMS, Arrow boards, Radar Trailers, Attenuators and Crash products plus much more

» Crash Cushions (EC)

We stock Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA), permanent and temporary end treatment crash terminal suitable for all levels of road from TL-1 50 km/h up to TL-3 100 km/h.

» VMS Signs & Trailers (ET)

RTL has an extensive range of LED Variable Message Sign trailers. We sell VMS trailers suitable for Motorways, State Highways, Local Body roads and also have dedicated radar activated VMS trailers for driver speed feedback within work zones or any roads where speeding traffic is a problem. Some of our VMS trailers can even gather traffic speed data for you. VMS trailers are ideal for road work sites, advance notice of public events or road changes or closures, public gatherings like concerts, sporting events, fairs, retail special events or even displaying public information off road within venues.


The new AWVMS system is a trailer or ute mounted electronic sign that replaces the tail pilot vehicle in a lane closure. The AWVMS is designed to be a stationary sign that is located on the road shoulder and out of live lanes. AWVMS panels display existing approved temporary warning and temporary direction and protection signs contained within the signs information in Section B of CoPTTM.

» Arrow Boards (ET)

RTL offer a range of Arrow Board options that have been developed using the latest in electronic technology. Traffic Management companies are utilising the many advantages: • To reduce the time required to set up a site • Are compulsory by law in a growing number of applications

» Portable Traffic Lights (ET)

Portable Traffic Lights are used to manage traffic flow in temporary traffic control situations instead of staff operating Stop/ Go paddles. RTL offer two models the MPB 3200 and the MPB 4000. Both models are traffic activated and fully compliant to NZTA CoPTTM Specifications. Why Use MPB Portable Traffic Lights? Increased Safety: - Increased safety in lieu of manual traffic controllers - Dependable German technology - Reliable performance of the lights Save Time & Money: - High cost savings compared to manual traffic controllers - 24 hrs/day operation (if required) - Easy set up - Low maintenance

Portable Traffic Light Hire (PTLSH)

» Portable Traffic Light Hire (PTLSH)

Both the the MPB 3200 and the MPB 4000 Portable Traffic Lights are available for hire ex Auckland. They offer reliable operation, easy transportation and are compliant to NZTA CoPTTM specifications and AS 4191 – 1994 standards. Please contact us on 0800 785 744 to discuss your requirements.

Fixing Systems & Sign Support (PS, SF)

» Fixing Systems & Sign Support (PS, SF)

Supporting systems for signage which includes Poles, Stay Rights, brackets, street name blades and strapping systems

» In Ground Systems (PS)

In Ground Support that include poles, posts and stay-right systems

» Surface Mount Systems (PS )

Surface mounted support systems

» Brackets - SNB (SF)

Bracketing systems specfically for Street Name Blades

» Brackets - Other (SF)

Fixing Brackets, Back to Back clips, Anti-Rotational Clips plus much more

» Strapping Systems (SF)

Bandit Strapping systems including Rolls of Signfix Strapping, The Banding Tool, Buckles, Buckle straps and toggles

» Poles & Timber Posts (PS, SF)

Available Posts.

Marking Systems & Delineation (MM MP RM PS)

» Marking Systems & Delineation (MM MP RM PS)

RTL's full range of marking and delineation products that include Raised Pavement Markers, Edge Marker Posts and many other items

» Edge Marker Posts (MP)

Edge Marker Systems

» Raised Pavement Markers (MR)

Raised Pavement Markers

» Flexi Guide 300 Range (FG)

FG 300s are used at work zones, traffic separations, islands, car parks and many other applications throughout New Zealand on both council and NZTA roads.

» Paint & Marking Products (MK)

RTL offer a range of paint for use in both temporary and permanent applications. Our Temporary range includes the Spray & Mark, Spray Writer and the Mine Marking series. The permanent range includes both the Line marking range and the Turf Master Range. Please call RTL Roadsigns to discuss your requirements.

» Coloured Markers (MP)

Range of Culvert, Hydrant and Cable markers

» Delineation (N/A)

Delineation Products

» Accessories (MO)

Mirrors, Measuring Wheels and assorted accessories used in marking & delineation

Heavy Transport (HT)

» Heavy Transport (HT)

Signage for heavy transport

Car Park Solutions / Traffic Calming (MH )

» Car Park Solutions / Traffic Calming (MH )

RTL Car Park Solutions incorporate a comprehensive range of products to create a safe environment for both vehicles and pedestrians within the confined area of a car park. Products include wheel stops, speed humps, corner protectors, access control systems, electronic signage and mirrors. Our Traffic Calming Range includes cycle lane Riley Curb (normally used in-conjunction with FG 300s), rubber speed cushions, round about sections, kerb & channel including semi barrier & semi mountable kerb and raised rubber pedestrian crossings. We also offer a full range of signage, commonly used in car park applications for lowering speed, directing and guiding traffic. Please download a copy of the the car park and/ or the traffic calming brochure at the bottom of this page or for detailed information please click on each item below. Alternatively, please contact our friendly sales team on 0800 785 744.

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