Peace of mind with TrafFix Scorpion Attenuator re-certification programme to CAP guidelines

As the exclusive agent for TrafFix Devices (TDI)  Scorpion attenuators in New Zealand, RTL is the custodian of the TMA recertification programme (CAP). This is a  safety audit and certification programme developed by the senior engineers at TDI to ensure Scorpion attenuators are MASH compliant in -use. This programme has been in place in NZ, under RTL stewardship for 3 years, coinciding with MASH implementation. 

RTL undergoes regular training and assessment to maintain our CAP assessment authority. 

Why should you re-certify your attenuator under CAP? 

    Keep motorists and your crew safe

    Limit exposure to serious injury and death in an event of impact/accidents 

    Meet your Health and Safety at Work Act goals and obligations 

    Tender for work contracts with up to date, certified safety gear 

    Maintain a safe and functional fleet of attenuators 

How does it work?

RTL trained CAP assessor checks and records (not limited too): Cartridge Tubes , Absorber modules (A, C & D), Stress cracks, Hydraulic Pumps & Actuators, truck side mounting plate and ensuring all dimensions are in accordance with specified parameters. 

The report with pictures is sent to TDI for assessment, the engineers review the report and issue a CAP recertification for the attenuator - valid for 1yr. 

The recertification is maintained in a global database and locally at RTL and your attenuator will have a new recert sticker applied for your local audit purposes. 

Book your attenuator recertification

The RTL Service Co-ordinator will confirm your booking date and time, An RTL CAP assessor will inspect your TMA at your site or at RTL.