TL-2 TMA Scorpion Re-Certification Service Available from RTL

RTL is delighted  to announce the rollout of our TL-2  TMA Scorpion Re-Certification Service. These life saving road safety devices,  need to be kept in good shape on our roads to keep work crews safe, ensure optimum operating efficiency, minimise the occurrence and severity of breakdowns, identify any potential future issues and give older units a second life. This Service will be carried out to the guidelines and parameters of TrafFix Global CAP System.

What is CAP? Certified Attenuator Programme developed by the Engineering department at TrafFix Devices in the US. This training authorises distributors to carry out assessments, repairs and certifications of TL2 and TL3 MASH and NCHRP truck and trailer mounted attenuators. It is an intensive training programme run by the Senior Engineers from TrafFix Devices.
In July 2019, Felipe Almanza (VP Engineering and New Products TrafFix Devices) trained and signed off 3 of our Senior Team Members as Authorised CAP Assessors after a week long intensive training. For those of you who have met Felipe, you know the experience and passion Felipe  brings to the products. Our team was literally buzzing after it!
On the back of this training and renewed focus on equipment maintenance in the marketplace – RTL is now rolling out a  TL2 Scorpion Re- Certification Service. TL-2 TMA units have been out in the market for a long time, we hardly have any issues with them however we only hear about the issues when they occur and are not pre-empting them with preventative maintenance. The TL-2 TMA Re-Certification service will give us an opportunity to work with our customers to properly and fully maintain the kit out on the road and minimise downtime by identifying potential future issues. It will give our customers peace of mind that the equipment is in good shape and their work crews are well protected in their day to day jobs.
Our three trained CAP assessors are all Senior members of our team whom you will all know very well. Backed by TrafFix Devices who will co-sign all Re-Certification certificates - customers can have full confidence that its been a job well done.
 So how does it all work?

Once you book the service using this link on our website

An RTL sales co-ordinator will confirm your booking date and time, An RTL CAP assessor will inspect your TMA at your site or at RTL (whatever works for you)  A report will be provided to you identifying any required repairs with full pictures and full fault descriptions.

Assessment covers (not limited too): Cartridge Tubes , Asbsorber modules (A, C & D), Stress cracks, Hydraulic Pumps & Actuators, Ensuring all dimensions are in accordance with specified parameters

if No Repairs: if no repairs, the report will be sent to TrafFix Devices and the unit will be recertified for a two year period.
if Repairs are Required: RTL will conduct the repairs The report and photos will be sent to TrafFix Devices The unit will be recertified for a two year period.

How Much Does it Cost? There is an initial assessment charge per Unit (plus Travel Time & Kms). Any Repairs will incur an additional charge
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