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Product Code CIEBIKEBB6
The eBike Charging Station by Saris, is a universal Electric Bike battery charging system and a secure, high-density bike storage system - all in one. E-bike Charge Stations are designed as a highly convenient way for cyclists and commuters to charge their electric bikes. The chargers are ideal for in end of trip facilities, workplaces, businesses, apartment complexes, hotels, shopping centres and cafes that provide facilities for cyclists.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of personal e-bike drive systems, each "charging dock" has a secure, user-accessible locker that contains a 120V/240V outlet for power access. The charging docks can be pre-installed with Bosch chargers eliminating the need for users to provide their own chargers.

The eBike Charge Stations are available in two, four, six and eight dock configurations (six dock shown) and accommodate 20" to 29" wheels and up to 5" tires. Staggered wheel wells prevent handlebar interference at a dense 24" spacing between bikes. Different locking options are also available.

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