School Sign

School Sign

Product Code P32X 144
TCD Code WU22 MOTSAM PW-32 TCD Rule W16-5.1
PW-32 School Sign consists of a supplementary sign "SCHOOL". All WU Warning - Non Motorised signs should be made with VFL Fluorescent Lime/ Yellow reflective.

Traffic Control Devices (Kura/School Signs) Amendment 2022:
As of the 5th of April 2022, this sign has been replaced with the new two-line bilingual Kura School supplementary sign and is no longer allowed to be installed. Any replacements will need to be the new Kura / School Supplementary.

TCD Principal Rule Amendment Reference: Schedule 1 Amended Signs: 2.2(4)

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600mm wide x 250mm high
Aluminium with Signfix
Fluorescent Prismatic (Yellow)

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