Sheep Level 1 (MKL Tuflite)

Sheep Level 1 (MKL Tuflite)

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Temporary Traffic Management & Work Zone Safety › Temporary Warning › Fauna Animals
Product Code T06.1 M124
TCD Code TF2 MOTSAM TW-6.1 TCD Rule W3-4.2
This sign should be used where driven stock crosses, or travels short distances along the road at infrequent intervals in locations where they can cause a traffic hazard.
This sign should only be used when stock is actually within the road reserve.

If you are moving stock on a regular basis i.e. several times a day, or where there are a lack of fences or containment areas along the road reserve area then a permanent sign should be used.

This sign can be used on Level 1 Roads and also comes in a Hinged version.

Product Attributes

Level One (MKL) Diamond 750mm wide x 750mm high
Fluorescent Prismatic (Orange)

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