Direction Indicator - Straight Ahead

Direction Indicator - Straight Ahead

Product Code T22.1 M134
TCD Code TDA5 MOTSAM TW-22 TCD Rule W5-2.23
TW-22 Detour Indicator Supplementary Signs consist of a directional arrow and symbol to advise the direction of a route around a road closure. TW-22 Supps are available in both Level 1 and Level 2/3 size. Used in conjunction with the TW-21 Detour Ahead Follow Signs.
Straight Ahead Indicators include Straight Left hand and Straight Right Hand.
Detour Symbols include: (Please specify at time of order):
- Square
- Diamond
- Circle
- Diamond
- State highway route shield

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Level One (MKL) Supp 900mm wide x 300mm high
Fluorescent Prismatic (Orange)

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