Plastic LED Lamp

Plastic LED Lamp

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Product Code TK04
Commonly used at construction sites, work zones, railways and placed on safety fences and barricades (see CoPTTM C12.4.5), Our LED Plastic Lamps are highly visible, compact, easy to use and manufactured from hard-wearing plastic construction.

The units are capable of day & night activation meaning they can be set to automatically flash at night time and shut off at daytime saving on battery usage. The unit has three selectable modes to choose from - frequent flashing, steady burning or off.

The units are highly visible due to the two ultra-bright LEDs and twin 7"" standard lens with the ability to be viewed from either the front or rear. Other features include a top handle for hanging off an object and a rear metal bracket for mounting onto a RTL 900mm Cone.

The LED Plastic Lamp is 12volt. It can holds two 6V Batteries (sold separately) but has the ability operate off only one 6V Battery.

- 7"" standard lens with two ultra-bright LEDS
- Compact, hard-wearing plastic construction
- Built-in or external switch, frequent flashing or steady burning or OFF
- Standard flash rate is 65+ 10 times/min
- Inside light control switch, Automatic night time operation with day time shut off
- Convenient metal bracket for mounting onto our 900mm Cones

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