Speed Spots - Portable Speed Bumps

Speed Spots - Portable Speed Bumps

Product Code TO48
Speed Spots - a deployable speed hump system, was developed to instantly reduce traffic speeds in low speed zones, including utility work zones, construction zones & school zones. Simply place 6-8 Speed Spots in a staggered pattern across lane to reduce traffic speed when workers are present. No tools or hardware needed. The built in handle makes Speed Spots easy to transport.

Speeds spots are deployed only when workers are onsite and the road pattern can be maintained. Once work is finished, Speed Spots are packed away, ready for the next job.

Diameter: 305mm
Height: 50mm at highest point
Material: Recycled Rubber

Sold per unit. Purchase 8 for one set. (Image shows 8 units).

Easy to handle, simple to relocate from site to site
No tools or hardware needed
Compact, lightweight system fits in any vehicle
One person needed, simple application
Made from durable recycled rubber
High-Vis color to enhance safety

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