Industry Focus: Starting up a TTM Company

Insights from Traffic Management Hire Services NZ

Industry Focus: Starting up a TTM Company

Led by the forward thinking and hard working Cory Redfern

There are number of small start up Companies within New Zealand's Temporary Traffic Management Industry. This number continues to increase. We reached out to Cory, from Traffic Management Hire & Services NZ LTD. Thanks to Cory for such insightful answers.

What was your mission at the start of your company? 

My mission was to start up a company of my own. I  just wanted to have something of my own that I could  create and build it up the way I wanted too. Instead of  just rushing in to start it up, I go day by day and just go with the flow . 

What do you love about the TTM industry?

What I love most about the TTM industry is that in most companies there are always friendly people and it makes it feel like a family. At the end of the day we all have family we want to go home too and we all have the same job and responsibilities. 

What do you look for in choosing a supplier? What made you pick RTL to deal with?

What I personally look for is a company that is really ready to help the little guys and also  friendly people that aren’t shy to talk about helping.  Also  getting the ball rolling on getting orders through.

I had heard a lot of good things about RTL and your website was eye catching to me.  I thought it seems like a great place to go. I didn’t even look at the other sign companies, I  just went with what I’ve heard and the gut feeling. 

RTL understands the challenges facing TTM companies, especially start ups and Civil companies getting into TTM. We know staff shortages are a serious concern so when we think of bringing in new products – we factor this in. How can we help our customers deal with staff outages from a product perspective? This is one of the main benefits of the Instaboom Stop Go product in addition to its obvious safety benefits. One TMO can operate multiple units. If you have someone away for the day, you can rely on the instaboom Stop Go to help fill the gap until the staff member is ready to return to work.