Bike Repair Station for Taupō Lakefront

If you've ever had a puncture or needed to adjust your bike mid-ride, you know what a pain it can be

To help get cyclists out of sticky situations, we (Taupo District Council) have installed a new public use bike repair station with a public use bike pump near the viewing platform atop the water treatment plant at the bottom of Rifle Range Road. Screwdrivers, tyre levers, wrenches and other equipment are attached to the station and can be used to pump or change a tyre tube, adjust a seat height, or carry out minor repairs so cyclists can continue their ride. All are fixed to a central base by steel cables.

Road safety coordinator Sarah Wraight said the team came up with the idea after seeing similar stations in action and functioning well in other towns and cities that value cycling.

“A well-designed and supported cycleway needs good infrastructure to back it up, and this is what our bike repair station is for,” she said. “It means cyclists don’t need to carry cumbersome tool kits and spares, and they can just go out and enjoy their ride, knowing help is available at this point on the shared path.”

Ms Wraight said the location was chosen because it was a main thoroughfare for cycle traffic using the Great Lake Walkway. It was also a high traffic and visibility area under CCTV surveillance, which was hoped to mitigate vandalism. The station is a trial and if successful and the equipment is looked after by the community, others may be set up in the future. It had already been met with positive reviews after being installed last month, Ms Wraight said. The bike repair station was funded in conjunction with Waka Kotahi – NZ Transport Agency, which contributed just over half of the total cost.

Posted with Permission from Taupo District Council.

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