RTL get impacted TL-3 TMA repaired within 3 working days

At RTL our main focus is to get our customers’ equipment back on the road and operating safely. We hold sufficient parts to respond to emergency and unplanned repairs for a quick turnaround. 

In this particular case, we received a call in the early hours of a Wednesday morning advising a deployed C90 TMA had been impacted in a car crash. The A Absorber was damaged as well as both arms. We were able to support our customer in a fast turnaround time with our parts stock on hand. 

The truck left our yard on the Friday morning ready for an on road check before being used in motorway ops that night.

Because of the modular design of the Scorpion II TMA, plus our parts stocking and our CAP trained engineers, RTL was able to repair the unit and bring it back up to manufactured state, thus saving our customer from having to purchase a new unit. 

We offer the full service of providing a TrafFix approved and signed off repair, a full insurance assessment and report, liaising on behalf of the customer with the insurance assessor and a TMA re-certification to CAP guidelines.

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