RTL is working with Vivacity Lighting to bring to NZ LED Tactile Safety blocks

At RTL, we believe that first and foremost , it is our responsibility as an experienced market leader in Road Safety and Traffic management, to source, create and provide products and solutions  which keep pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and other road users safe on our roads.

With this as a main driving force for us, we are always on the lookout for products , solutions and or improved practices which enhance the safety of people interacting with the road, rail, walking and cycling networks in NZ.

In this spirit we are  delighted to announce RTL has partnered with Melbourne based Vivacity Lighting,   to bring to the NZ market these highly innovative LED Tactile Safety blocks. Vivacity Lighting  is part of a global organisation that designs, manufactures and supplies some of the world's most advanced lighting and display systems.

One of the most common causes of accidents at intersections is pedestrians not looking up from their smart phones before stepping on the road.  Vivacity LED Safety Tactile Blocks were designed to significantly reduce the number of accidents at traffic controlled intersections. After installations of the LED Safety Tactile Blocks in Seoul, Korea at 20 major locations the number of traffic accidents, injuries and deaths decreased by 26.2%, 21.2% and 38.3% respectively.
The Vivacity Safety Block is installed in rows on the kerbside on the intersection, they are connected to the traffic lights and light up the same colour as the traffic lights. These safety blocks can be used in numerous applications; level crossings on the rail network, restaurant drive throughs, pedestrian crossings…anywhere a pedestrian is interacting with a crossing. The controllers integrate seamlessly into whatever control system is currently deployed at the crossing i.e. boom gates, flashing lights, traffic light signals etc. 

Check out the installation in Melbourne:  https://vivacitygm.com.au/vivacity-led-safety-lighting/

Download LED Tactile Brochure: https://rtl.co.nz/storage/production/3846/RTL-Brochure---Vivacity-LED-Safety-Tiles.pdf 

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