Saris Deluxe Repair Stand is available with custom branding from RTL

So much more than a ordinary public bike work stand. It's part bike repair stand, part public bicycle space complete with retractable repair tools and impact-resistant design. RTL is known in the marketplace for our core business of sign making. Regulatory signage and commercial signage as well as wayfinding signage - if you live in NZ you have definitely seen our signs on your daily commute. With decades of experience in manufacturing high quality, weather resistant signage - we have all the right skills and creative know how - to customise your Deluxe Bike Stand branding - to showcase the best elements of your brand.

All we need from you is a high res logo and away away we go. The sky is the limit! There is a large area available for branding on the stand and different substrate options.

We also offer as part of our service agreement- reapplication of your vinyl branding if and when it is needed. If you have refreshed your branding, your stand is looking a bit tired or you just want to jazz things up again - we are happy to sort it out for you and get the stand looking like new again. It is remarkable what new vinyl can do for the look and feel of the stand.

RTL also offers signage which can direct users to the stand, discourage vandals, provide additional contact information and more...

There are a host of other great features for the Deluxe Stand:
  • The tools are the best on the market and they are attached to heavy duty retractable stainless steel cables (vandals are deterred by these cables)
  • The stand works brilliantly with the complementary wheel chock and pumps from Saris - you can have these stand mounted or floor mounted
  • The air pump hose is long and durable - providing a wide range of motion without touching the ground
  • The front plate of the stand is impact and UV resistant

The product also features a QR code which has all the up to date, relevant product information, ready to scan.

If you want to improve the cycle facilities you are offering to people who live in your council or your tenants in your office towers - please get in touch with us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Also check out the information on our website and the Saris Website