There's a new Scorpion II Attenuator in town!

In April 2019, TrafFix devices debuted the MASH C90 (vertically stored truck mounted attenuator) at the Traffex Road Expo  in Birmingham. With the UK market volume coming on board and demand increasing, RTL now has access to this design for the NZ market. 

The C-90 is stored in the vertical position only, it does not have a mid-hinge between the two struts and deploys in one movement. This makes it perfect for deployment in tunnels and limited height scenarios. 

With the addition of the Scorpion C-90 option - RTL now offers four different options for attenuators;  C90 (vertical TMA) , Model C with high reach extension (folds up and over the LAS), Model C without high reach extension (suitable for shadow vehicles where the LAS is positioned further up the vehicle) and our Trailer attenuator (can be easily attached or removed from a truck)

Article written April 2019