Wave Delineator perfect for pop up lanes

Are you hosting an active modes event in NZ? Want to provide positive seperation between cyclists and people, scooters and people, people and people?

We know the Wave is a bit different from what we are accustomed to in the NZ market but it's time to think outside the lane...the funky looking Wave Delineator ramps up the cool factor at events big time! 

Our Supplier Saris Infrastructure just recently sold a bunch of the uber cool Wave Delineators to Spin, the scooter company. Spin was established in 2016 in San Francisco and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor company. One of the first places Spin used the Wave was during a pop-up protected mobility lane event where they conducted community outreach and offered free test rides for their scooters. 

It’s a model use-case if ever there was one! We loved seeing the big smiles from the people at the event, people of all ages were loving it. The Wave does not stick out like a sore thumb, it blends seamlessly into the event setup and looks fresh! 

Why not try it out for your next outdoor or indoor event? Go on ...#ridethewave

IMG_1521.jpg IMG_1619.jpg IMG_1666.jpg IMG_1886.jpg IMG_1896.jpg IMG_1860.jpg IMG_1951.jpg IMG_2082.jpg