What's in a logo?

'Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company' Saul Bass, 

RTL is transforming and our logo is the face of the new us! 

In early 2019, we launched our new company logo.  Our old logo had served us very well however the environment we are operating in had changed dramatically; the audience we are speaking too has evolved and the communication platforms we are using has undergone a revolution. Internally we were also undergoing a transformation and a logo update presented as a great vehicle for starting to communicate this change with our stakeholders. 
Changing a logo is a dynamic project which tests your change management skills, especially a logo that has been in place for a very long time. Naturally there was a lot of stock in our old logo in the market and people in our team were also emotionally connected to it. As any branding department knows; the graphic design is only half the job - implementing the change across multiple departments and ensuring its natural uptake is the kicker.  
Keeping in mind we were working with a firmly established logo, we decided to go down the path of a ‘refresh’ rather than a ‘re-design’. Sticking to the main elements of our old design and bringing in movement and engaging colours – we collaborated with our design agency to bring forward this fresh new look. 
So, what does our team think?
‘From the marketing department’s perspective, our new logo gives us so many options, it modernises us and reflects the changes we are making’ Johnny Lendrum Marketing Exec (Runs 21kms on a Saturday)
‘I like it, it is definitely an improvement and is more modern, more versatile’ Warrick Hart Operations Facilitator (Social Club Ideas Man) 
‘I like the flow off it, it has great continuous motion. I find it very easy to work with and it is modern’ Marty Graphic Designer (Loves shoes)
It is safe to say that the internal uptake for our new logo has been nothing short of inspiring. We have also received great feedback from our international suppliers and our local market. Our refreshed logo has been the catalyst for the momentum we have gained in our overall brand strategy. 
Keep an eye out for our logo on AWVMS, Truck Mounted Attenuators and Barriers and End Treatments when you are on the network.