Hazard Panels - Double Sided

Hazard Panels - Double Sided

Product Code HT04 15.3
Our Hazard Panels are a part of our Heavy Haulage (HT) range of vehicle hazard signs, used to highlight hazards on a vehicle with an over-dimension or oversized load.

Our Double Sided Hazard Panels are 450mm wide x 300mm high. The reflective are 400mm wide x 300mm high with a 50mm blank edge for mounting. They feature a retro-reflective chevron design that complies with the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule (VDAM) and AS/NZ 1906.1 standard for reflectivity. Available as a self-adhesive sticker or on aluminium. Suitable for day or night-time use.

Transport your over-dimension load safely and equip your commercial vehicles with our range of Heavy Haulage safety signage and equipment.

Can be used in-conjunction with our fluorescent yellow flags.

Product Attributes

450mm wide x 300mm high
Aluminium (2.0mm)
Fluorescent Prismatic

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