Riley Kerb Cycle Delineator

Product Code MC04 5010
The Riley Kerb Delineator offers protection to the cyclist in all types of situations by reducing the intrusion of vehicles into the cycle lanes. Riley Kerbs are 2 metres long and manufactured out of rubber.

- They help with squeeze points at intersections and roundabouts
- In school zones - entry and exit points.
- Approaches to pedestrian crossings
- Locations where the pavement size increases or decreases
- On cycle paths at intersections to alert cyclists they are approaching a hazard

Riley Kerb can be used in conjunction with our Flexi Guide 300 (FG-300) surface mounted Channelizer / Delineator. The posts are well known for toughness, impact resistance and long-lasting performance. Their clover leaf design provides for superior rebound performance over simple round tubes.

- Channelization
- High occupancy vehicle lane buffers
- Dedicated cycle lanes

Note: Riley Kerb(R) Delineators are fixed using coach screws in combination with a epoxy glue. 7 fixings are required per section. Allow for one tube of epoxy for every 18 fixing holes. Fixings and Epoxy are sold separately.

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