Signfix Anti Rotational Brackets

Signfix Anti Rotational Brackets

Product Code SF-ARC060
Anti-Rotational Brackets are used for securing signs that have Signfix channel on the back, onto round Fluted Aluminium Poles or Steel Poles. ARC Brackets provide a simple, economical and speedy solution. Each Clip is supplied with a M8mm LIP-LOK bolt.

Fast, simple sign installations are achieved by inserting the foot into channel, and twisting the clip through 90 degrees. The other end of the clip is then secured by the bolt. Raised pips on the inner face of these one-piece clips help prevent sign rotation.

Supplied with a M8 LIP-LOK Nut, Bolt & Washer.

SF-ARC060 Anti Rotational Clip 60mm
SF-ARC076 Anti Rotational Clip 76mm
SF-ARC089 Anti Rotational Clip 89mm
SF-ARC102 Anti Rotational Clip 102mm
SF-ARC114 Anti Rotational Clip 114mm

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To suit 60mm Poles

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