RHS Brackets (LRH Brackets)

RHS Brackets (LRH Brackets)

Product Code SF-LRH0505
LRH Brackets are used for securing signs that have Signfix channel on the reverse onto square Timber
Posts or square and rectangle Steel Posts up to 150mm x 100mm.

SF-LRH0505 Bracket 50*50mm RHS
SF-LRH1005 Bracket 100*50mm RHS
SF-LRH1010 Bracket 100*100mm RHS
SF-LRH1510 Bracket 150*100mm RHS
SF-LRH7550 Bracket 75*50mm RHS
SF-LRH7575 Bracket 75*75mm RHS
SF-LRH9595 Bracket 95*95mm RHS

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50mm x 50mm

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