Aluminium Offset Street Name Bracket

Aluminium Offset Street Name Bracket

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Product Code SF-SNBKT02
The Signfix Aluminium Offset Street Name Bracket is designed for end mounting Street Name Blade Extrusion up to a maximum size of 0.24m2. The extrusion slides into the groove of the bracket and is fixed in place by tightening two grubscrews (supplied). Brackets are installed top and bottom of the extrusion and then used in conjunction with either Signfix Stainless Steel Banding or AUO brackets.

Compared to the previous bracket model the new version is:
- Lighter yet just as durable (0.12kg vs 0.38kg)
- Easier and quicker to install with only two grubscrews needing to be tightened
- More cost effective

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