Emergency LED Road Safety Flares - 6 Pack

Product Code TO80 00
Our Emergency, Rechargeable LED Road Safety Flares are quick to deploy, easy to use & packed full of features. They are perfect for police, fire, maintenance crews, safety workers, house movers, road or bridge work, or as a warning / guiding light for roadside & automotive breakdowns.

The Flares are can be quickly deployed on the ground or onto the side of a vehicle, to warn other motorists. When not in use, all six Flares are stored & charged in a compact Carry Case. The Flares can be used horizontally or vertically and will automatically change between the 12 side LEDs or the top 4 LEDs, depending on the orientation.

With five different blink patterns, the Flares can flash in unison or sequentially (runway effect). All six Flares can be synced, changed to a new pattern or turned off all from a single unit.

Pack includes Six Sequential LED Road Flares, a Carry Case, a 12v Car Charger & a 230v mains power charger.

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