Engineering and Installation Seminar - Truck Mounted Attenuator and Fast Trak

In the middle of May 2021, RTL held our Engineering and Installs Seminar. We  focused on the installation, repair, service and maintenance of the TrafFix Devices Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator Range. We had tremendous support from the industry with over 6o guests attending.

This year we also Truck builders and Motor Bodybuilders in attendance. It was the perfect opportunity to work with and learn from each other. We are ALL committed to the safety of the road crews and the road users!

Our Keynote speaker Felipe Almanza Vice President New Product Development,  from TrafFix Devices (TDI) shared with us a general global MASH update, the benefits of having your attenuator certified according to TDI's CAP recertification programme (Certified attenuator programme), and Felipe introduced our market to the Fast Trak Swift Connect. 

The CAP recertification programme which was created by TrafFix Senior Engineers over a number of years, was designed as an audit check to ensure your equipment is going to function as  intended in the field. It is an annual recertification and involves a full and thorough check against TDI specifications for the 'fitness for use' of the Scorpion attenuators. RTL has our technical team fully trained under this programme. RTL Tech team works with TDI on each unit after the assessment and you as the customer, will receive a signed certification from TDI as well as a certification verification sticker to attach to your attenuator. Think of it like a WOF for a crash pad.  

Shane Murray, RTL's Technical Manager who leads our Service team, presented insights from the New Zealand perspective in terms of installation, repairs and maintenance. Shane shared with the audience, the considerations which are specific to how the Scorpion range performs in our conditions. Shane also took the opportunity to highlight some of the  safety issues we identify in fleets especially where daily checks and ongoing maintenance may not be as regular as it needs to be.

One such incident was the finding of a Scorpion Attenuator Truck mount with a non - Scorpion pad attached to the mount, 'hybrid TMA' is what we casually referred to it as.  This installation was definitely non compliant! The customer concerned immediately took on board our safety concerns and has since sought to rectify the situation by installing a TDI extender frame and a Fast Trak Swift Connect.

On the day we also had our SmartSign TVMS on display. This is new LED Full Matrix technology which is going to revolutionise the old Arrowboad tech and application. There will be more information to come on this latest product range from RTL. We are excited to bring this high quality, superior high definition board to our customers. 

It was a terrific day for learning, development and networking. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to engage with our industry counterparts in this manner. Please get in touch with us should you want to partner.

Major shoutout to our gracious hosts Jamiee and James from Industry Civil

Kai for the day, from our favourte local cafe Raffies -  Thanks Tyler and Ryan

Photography: Our go to bestie photographer John Shahi