It's been two years for RTL's Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Temporary Traffic Management equipment like the workhorse AWVMS, highly visible and robust LAS, life saving crash attenuators like our Scorpion TMA's and high usage VMS trailers from our VERMAC range are put their paces on our network. They are exposed to all sorts of weather, multiple shifts, staff turnaround, vandalism and sometimes improper usage. Our Service Dept works hard to get the equipment back on the road and available for your crew to use, however there is still downtime and disruptions to your schedule.

We developed a preventative maintenance plan a couple years ago to encourage proper planned maintenance and to minimise unnecessary breakdowns and malfunctions. Improving safety and adding value for our customers is at the heart of what we are doing for our service and repairs offering. 

Some intel on how its been going for us and our customers: 

  • The uptake was slow to start as this was a new way of doing things for our industry 
  • Once we got the word out and proved the efficacy of the plan, the uptake jumped significantly 
  • RTL invested in a new Service Module and Asset Management module within our ERP system for improved operational control
  • Reactive repairs have decreased significantly for PMA customers 
  • We have developed the plan to include a Refurbishment offer for ageing fleets - eg. LAS over 5years will have a motor assessment and microswitches change out etc
  • We have invested in advanced test kits for motor assessments, battery assessments and coming soon we are introducing insulation resistance testing 
  • We have invested in our team by recruiting two new technicians who started with us April 2022
  • We have expanded our regional reach by carrying out PMA's nationally at your request 
  • We are developing a Service History Dashboard on our website for customers to access. This will be under the same trade log in and will provide easy visibility on what's happening with your fleet under our care

Our team is dedicated to keep gaining ground in this area, we know exactly how frustrating and expensive it is to have equipment in the workshop. We encourage all our customers to consider a preventative maintenance agreement with us, as well as developing your inhouse maintenance program should you have a workshop. We are happy to come out and train your techs on our equipment or your preferred subbie, if you are out of Auckland.

Snapshot of some of the checks:

Operation • Hydraulics, Oil and leaks • Frame condition • Braking and latching devices • LINAK Motor • Lights and LED panels • Control boxes and connections • Controllers • Batteries • Pads, rollers, tracks and stoppers • Wiring and cabling • Fuses and relays • Solar panels • Corrosion and rust • Decals

Please get in touch with us on to discuss your requirements. We can tailor the plan to suit. We are also happy to carry out a couple of adhoc PMA checks for you to assess if you would like to sign up to a 6mth or annual plan.