Local Primary School Patrol Crossing gets a big upgrade

Sunnyhills Primary School, in the Auckland suburb of Sunnyhills in Pakuranga, had their school pedestrian crossings upgraded and two new Stayput School Patrol Signs were installed. 

The Stay-put patrol system is fast becoming one of the most popular school patrol systems in New Zealand, as it is reducing the workload and making it safer for school patrol teams and primary schools around the country. Our Stayput School Patrol Arms is part of our school zone sign and school crossing sign range

Sunnyhills Primary School, in the Auckland suburb of Sunnyhills in Pakuranga, had their school pedestrian crossings upgraded and two new Stayput School Patrol Signs were installed. Sunnyhills School, are a green gold Travelwise school and like many other New Zealand Primary and Intermediate Schools, are very proactive with getting children to walk, scooter and bike to school. They promote active transport modes and therefore have a lot of students that use the school patrol crossing to safely cross the road each day. Now, thanks to the council, it is much easier with the right infrastructure in place.

Prior to their new Stayput School Patrol System, the staff were carrying the old school patrol arms over 180 metres each day out to the pedestrian crossing and back to the storage shed. Rain or shine. The feedback from management, teachers, students, parents and the community on RTL’s Stayput School Patrol System was overwhelmingly positive.

The (stayput) system is so much more user friendly for all concerned. Carrying the old heavy (school patrol lollipop) signs to the gate and trying to manage them in high winds has been problematic for years. Our student patrollers appreciate the change as this makes their task so much easier.

With the Stayput School Patrol System, it's now quicker, safer and more efficient for School traffic Safety Teams to manage the school patrols and results in less time setting up the school patrol crossing every morning and afternoon. The duty patrol simply unlock the school patrol stop sign and they are ready for use. When the school patrol is finished, it's a simple matter of returning the school patrol arm to the Stayput Top Cover ready for next time. It's also so much easier for the Parents who assist at the school gate most nights, as they don't have to walk with the children all the way back to get the signs or come in earlier to collect them as well.

Quotes from the Kids: They (Stayput School Signs) look a lot better, and we don't have to carry them in and out of the school. They're just there and it's really easy. Once you finish, you just put it back up and lock it in.

The design on the Stayput top cover design is customised to incorporate the local school logo and a safety message to stop, look, listen before you cross the street. The design is not only for the school, but to create buy-in with the wider community to slow down around schools and a reminder for when they use the crossing.

It means that the (stayput) school signs are always in place, easy to access and the storage is neat and tidy. The safety messages support our Travelwise and community messaging for pedestrians. We love how they also are personalised with our school logo too! They have been a wonderful improvement.

Stayput School Patrols can also be supplied specifically for Kea Crossings or School Crossing Points in New Zealand, where there is no marked pedestrian crossing. As per NZTA Traffic Control Devices (TCD) the School Patrol Arms are supplied white only (without the black vinyl) and installed on a standard 76mm White Steel Poles.