Stayput School Patrol System

Product Code PC02.3 01
TCD Code RP3 & RP31 MOTSAM RG-28 TCD Rule R2-4
RTL's Stayput School Patrol System is the go-to school patrol system for school patrols, suitable for use at Pedestrian Crossings (Zebra Crossings) and Kea Crossings (School Crossing Points). Our Stayput School Patrol eliminates the need to carry the bulky school patrol arms down to the crossing each day. Rain or Shine!

Outside of school hours, the Stayput School Patrol orange RG-28 stop sign disc and school patrol arm is locked away in the top cover. This means, each day the designated School Patrol staff or parent simply unlock and lower the school patrol arms and they are ready to go. The Stayput Top Cover incorporates the primary school logo and pedestrian safety messages for students to look both ways when crossing etc.

Please specify if you are installing the Stayput at Pedestrian Crossing (Zebra Crossing) or a Kea Crossing (School Crossing Point). For Kea Crossings, the school patrol arm is supplied plain white and the system is installed on a 4m x 76mm plain white pole - not a black / white 4m x 76mm Pedestrian Pole. See Brochure and Installation Guide for more information.

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