Service & Electronics: Updates & Upgrades

Kia ora,
This is the first of our newsletters from the Service Team at RTL. We hope this helps you with tips and information, to keep your gear in great working shape and reduce downtime and cost.

Make sure you are checking;

Hydraulic fluid on your TMA, if you do not top up, the motor could get damaged and you will incur unnecessary repair costs. Follow our TMA Monthly Maintenance & Greasing. It's important to assess the pivot pins on your TMA.  Make sure they are well greased as well as the grease nipples. Download grease locations here.

Batteries on your gear

It is best to use maintenance free batteries to power your gear. Preferentially AGM deep cycle batteries. These batteries last longer and don’t require water top ups.

Preventative maintenance and recerts

Reminder to keep on top of your maintenance schedule on your TMA and LAS especially with the sealing season due to the high frequency of work. Please speak to Paras directly on on our preventative maintenance plans options available. Also make sure you check your recertification on your TMA – we do keep a portal but it is good to also do this in house.

What’s new and did you know?

New and improved AWVMS tablet

If you have experienced connectivity issues with your AWVMS tablet, you will be happy to know we have launched a new and improved robust tablet which is hard wired into the board – thus totally eliminating wifi connection issues!


Did you know our team does installations in our Auckland yard? This covers L1 AB, LAS, AWVMS and some TMA work.

Tech support and call outs 

With our team growing we have been doing callouts and travelling to sites in the upper north island more frequently. Don’t worry if you are not in Auckland we have well established relationships with trained and preferred subbies in all major regions.

Keep warm, Winter is here!

Paras Gupta 

Service Co-ordinator

MOB: 0275008887