What does RTL love about the Kea bird

Like many Kiwis, we here at RTL are a bunch of nature lovers! If you ever chat with our team members, they will undoubtedly have a personal favorite native bird. We're proud supporters of Forest and Bird's bird of the year elections, so it was only natural for us to embrace a bird as our latest artwork offering in our brand guidelines. 

We absolutely adore our RTL brand; it's a representation of the incredible transformation our business has gone through, especially in the past five years. 

In the RTL crew, most of us have a personal fave bird. Sam Askew is a die-hard kakapo fan, Warrick Hart swoons over the ruru, and Sue's office is even called the Kereru room!

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But when it came to choosing the cheekiest alpine parrot for our artwork, the decision was unanimous. Say hello to our beloved Kea! The Kea is truly special and embodies so much of the RTL wairua. Here's why we fell in love with this little mischief-maker: 

  • Highly Intelligent: The Kea is considered one of the smartest birds in the world. Its problem-solving skills are truly remarkable.
  • Innovative: This bird has a knack for coming up with creative solutions. Its ability to think outside the box makes it a true inspiration.
  • Team Player: Keas are excellent collaborators; they can work together to solve complex puzzles. Just like us at RTL, they understand the power of teamwork and cooperation. 
  • Adaptable: The Kea is highly adaptable to changing environments. It can thrive in different conditions, just like RTL has learned to adapt and grow over the years. 
  • Super Resilient: Did you know the government once tried to eradicate Keas? But these remarkable birds fought back and survived. That kind of resilience resonates with us deeply. 
  • Fun and Cheeky: The Kea's playful and mischievous nature brings a smile to our faces every time. They're the life of the party and always keep us entertained, just like our team at RTL. 

Massive mihi to our in-house graphic designer guru, Marty Offermans who bought the kea to life!

Soon, you'll start seeing our lovely Kea on our LAS decals! Stay tuned for the big reveal.