Hurunui District Council (HDC) Rapid Numbers 1 or 2 Numbers

Hurunui District Council (HDC) Rapid Numbers 1 or 2 Numbers

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Product Code CS74 03
Rapid Numbers or Rural Address Property Identification System numbers are used to identify properties in rural areas. The Sign Plate is installed at a prominent location at the entrance way of each property that has a dwelling. This means properties can be quickly and easily located i.e. by emergency services such as Police, ambulance, fire service and Civil Defence.

Please only order the rapid number plate, once you get your number from the council. Please use the special instructions to specify the option (image) you require and the number or letters to suit your requirements and the arrow direction (if applicable).

Product Attributes

200mm wide x 150mm high
Aluminium (2.0mm)
High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)

Special Instructions

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