Scorpion II Metro-SLIM MASH TL-2 TMA

Product Code ECTL2100SMET
The new Metro-SLIM by TrafFix Devices, at 2.60m long and only 1.88m wide, is ideal for narrower truck builds with a curb weight of 3,500kg. The Metro-SLIM is suited for narrow rural roads and tight urban streets, due to it's compact design.

The Metro-SLIM has tested and passed against all MASH Tests. It provides full width impact protection by redirecting the impacting vehicle with its patented curved aluminium tube frames and energy absorbing modules. The curved aluminum tubes provide protection against nuisance impacts while providing re-directional capabilities along the entire length of the TMA.

Like the rest of the Scorpion line of Attenuators, the Scorpion II Metro-SLIM has a modular design that crushes in progressive stages, slowing the vehicle to a stop, and allowing easy replacement of damaged parts, keeping repair costs down.

Please read M23 Appendix F for stipulations.

Product Attributes

L: 2.6m Vert H: 3.4m W: 1.88m
Approx 612kg incl mounting pla

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