Heavy Duty Acrylic Mirrors

Heavy Duty Acrylic Mirrors

Product Code MI5 18044S
The weather resistant heavy duty acrylic convex mirror is versatile and robust and will handle many industrial and traffic situations. Complete with a fully adjustable wall mounting bracket (optional pole mounting accessories are available) which is easy to install and allows the mirror to be angled in the most effective position. The mirror face is manufactured from optical grade 100% virgin acrylic and vacuum metalised using 99% pure aluminium. These advanced mirroring and shaping techniques result in a superbright, clear reflection with no distortion. For industrial and outdoor situations where extreme weather is not experienced, the heavy duty acrylic mirror is ideal.

Suitable Uses:
Two Way Mirror
Outdoor surveillance
Industrial safety
Driveways and carparks
Pedestrian Crossings and Sidewalks

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450mm diameter

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