Outdoor DeLuxe Acrylic Mirrors

Outdoor DeLuxe Acrylic Mirrors

Product Code MI5 18066C
The De Luxe acrylic convex mirror is scientifically designed to optimise a drivers field of vision and minimise distance distortions making this model ideal for traffic and road situations. The shallower curve of the mirror face means you can observe high speed traffic much more safely. The DeLuxe model can be strategically positioned anywhere a drivers field of vision is obstructed, such as blind corners, a concealed entry or exit and hard to see intersections. The galvanised steel clamp bracket is designed for pole mounting. A wall mounting adaptor is also available to fix the mirror to a flat surface.

Suitable Uses:
Two Way Mirror
Road and Traffic Safety
Harsh Weather Conditions
Driveways and Carparks
Outdoor Security aound Buildings
Security Checkpoints and Border Control

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600mm diameter

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