LED Safety Tactile Blocks

Product Code MOLED-TGSI
Vivacity LED Safety Tactile Pavers have the same profile as traditional, directional pre-cast concrete tactile pavers and tactile studs, but are designed to change colours when activated. For example, at a Pedestrian Crossing at Traffic lights - When the Pedestrian lights turn green, our LED Tactiles will turn green and when the Pedestrian lights blink or return to red, the LED Tactiles will do the same.

LED Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) create awareness of signal change for those with limited vision, the elderly and reduce the likelihood of distracted pedestrians not looking up from their smart phones before stepping onto the road.

LED Tactile Block applications include:
- Connecting with Traffic Signals
- Bike Parks
- Pedestrian Crossings
- School Zone
- Railway Crossings
- Railway Station Platforms
- Bus & Tram Stops

The LED Tactile Blocks are 298mm x 298mm x 40mm and can be supplied in various base colours including Safety Yellow.

If you have a project or require more information on this next generation safety product, please contact our team at sales@rtl.co.nz

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