Slim-Pro Edge Marker Post (Delineated)

Product Code MP01S 1.4D
Our Slim-Pro Edge Marker Posts (EMPs) are used to delineate New Zealands local roads and state highway network. Our Slim-Pro EMPs fully comply with NZTA M14 specifications. They have been designed with a high UV resistant PVC to stop splitting or cracking in NZ conditions and feature Class 400 reflective sheeting that meets AS/NZS 1906.1 for maximum visibility. They have a high gloss finish to help with cleaning and an inbuilt barb for greater in-ground retention.

Features & Benefits:
- Compliant with NZTA M14 specifications vehicle impact, deflection and resistance to cold
- All material covered by a 10 year guarantee
- Manufactured from highly durable, UV resistance PVC
- Capable of self-righting after an impact
- 1400mm high
- Inbuilt barb for greater in-ground retention, resulting in lower frequency of replacement
- High gloss finish for easy cleaning
- Class 1 reflective sheeting for maximum visibility both day and night
- 150mm red band with a 450mm Class 1 white reflective delineator

Product: Delineated Slim-Pro Edge Marker Post (c/w red band and white reflective delineator)

For Installation and Cleaning instructions please download a copy of the brochure.

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