Lane Reduction - Two Lanes to One

Lane Reduction - Two Lanes to One

Product Code P43.3X 242
TCD Code WW12 or WW13 MOTSAM PW-43.3 TCD Rule W13-1.3 or W13-1.4
Road Narrows Two Lanes to One Signs, also known as a WW12 or a W13-1.3 sign, are used to warn motorists that the number of lanes in the direction of travel reduces from two lanes down to one lane. The sign consists of a narrow road symbol with centre lines, displayed on a standard permanent warning PW diamond sign.

Please specify left hand or right hand at the time of order.

Road Narrows - Three Lanes to Two (WW13 or W13-1.4) also available.

Product Attributes

750mm wide x 750mm high
Aluminium with Signfix
High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)

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