Cyclists Take Care - Railway

Cyclists Take Care - Railway

Product Code PW15.11X142
TCD Code WX5 TCD Rule W15-11
A WX5 Cyclists Take Care Sign, also known as a W15-11 sign, are used in locations where a cycleway crosses a railway level crossing rail tracks/ lines at an acute skew angle, and cyclists may experience wheels slipping on the rail or falling into the flangeway. WX5 Signs consist of a 'cyclist falling from cycle caught in rail track' symbol, displayed on a standard permanent warning PW diamond sign. WX5 Cyclist Signs may also be installed where there is a significant number of cyclists travelling parallel to railway lines (most commonly tramway lines).

For more information, please view Traffic Control Devices (TCD) Manual - Part 9 Level Crossings.
WX5 Rail Tracks are referenced in Traffic Signs - Section 4.4.9.

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600mm wide x 600mm high
Aluminium with Signfix
High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)

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