Speed Restriction Level 2 (HKL) - 100km

Speed Restriction Level 2 (HKL) - 100km

Product Code RG04.1H432
TCD Code RS2 MOTSAM RG-4B TCD Rule R1-1.1
RG04 or RS2 Regulatory Temporary Speed Signs with 100km, referred to as a R1-1.1 Sign in the TCD Rule, are used to indicate a temporary speed limit (tsl) in a work site area with traffic management, or during road works, to give protection to works on the roadway or in the immediate vicinity and should be accompanied with a TG1 Temporary TW Supplementary Sign. The RG-4 Traffic Sign can be used on Level 2/3 New Zealand Roads for Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) and is in the Waka Kotahi Code of Practice (CoPTTM).

Product Attributes

Level Two (HKL) Panel 1200mm wide x 1200mm high
High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)

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