Road Closed Level 2/3 (HKL)

Road Closed Level 2/3 (HKL)

Product Code RG16 H632
TCD Code RD3 MOTSAM RG-16 TCD Rule R3-6
RD3 or RG-16 Regulatory General Road Closed Signs, known as a R3-6 Sign in the TCD Rule, can only be used after formal authorisation by the controlling authority that the road is closed to ordinary vehicular traffic for the purpose of facilitating road works or any other legitimate activity. Road Closed Signs must be augmented with T1A/B road works signs and TD-type detour direction indicator signs used to indicate the shortest alternative route with an adequate width and no height restrictions. It can be used on Level 2/3 New Zealand Roads for Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) and is in the Waka Kotahi Code of Practice (CoPTTM).

Product Attributes

Level Two (HKL) Panel 1200mm wide x 1200mm high
High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)

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