Stop Here on Red Signal (MKL)

Stop Here on Red Signal (MKL)

Product Code RG30.1M142
TCD Code RP62 TCD Rule R2-6.2
RP62 Regulatory General Stop Here on Red Signal Road Signs, also known as a R2-6.2 sign in the TCD Rule, are mounted at the point where vehicles are required to stop. These signs are used with temporary or part time traffic signals, when it is impracticable to mark a limit line on the road surface. The Traffic Sign is MKL compatible, so can be mounted using our MKL (Level 1) stand and base within a work zone or during road works with traffic management. Please refer to CoPTTM and TCD for further information. Panel Only and Panel with Signfix Signs are also available.

Product Attributes

Level One (MKL) 450mm wide x 750mm high
High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)

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